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В течении 10 лет успеш Primer site
производителей деревянных домо-комплектов.

Сейчас, являясь дилером этих заводов, мы проектируем, поставляем по цене завода
и строим под ключ деревянные дома в России и за рубежом.


About the Company

The MAKI HOUSES Company as a member of the famous professional group of companies the MAKI GROUP represents high-quality services in the sphere of wooden-houses building (the houses of glued laminated log, glued cylinder log, log houses, exclusive houses “the amber pine”, half-timbered houses).

The MAKI GROUP Company has more than a ten-year experience in the construction market and a continued success in the chosen direction of business that has served as an impetus to the creation of the MAKI HOUSES Company. It was designed to provide premium service in one of the key areas of the company – wooden-houses building. The principles of the company work remained unchanged – to provide customers the most complete list of services from specialist advice on choosing a supplier and materials for the construction of wooden houses, from working out an individual design and engineering to supplying a house-building kit and conducting all phases of construction in one person.

Wooden houses store

Having all of use, which have become real professional accomplishments for more than a decade on the market of wooden construction, the MAKI GROUP Company acquired a new ideology, which became the basis for a unique approach "Wooden houses store". What is unique and what advantages has the client of starting his wooden-house building with "Wooden houses store"? It's very simple – the MAKI WOODEN HOUSES STORE Company offers an approach that will maximize the benefits to the client.

After studying for more than a decade not only the features of materials for the construction of wooden houses, peculiarities of the assembly of Russian and foreign house-building kits, but also the needs of clients, the Company concluded the following: the best way to find an ideal variant for the customer is not the supplying a house from a famous producer (such opinion is always subjective), not the construction a house of the most modern materials (this opinion can be subjective too), and not the building a house on the most "fashionable" technologies. Each client has his own vision of the future house. Each client has his preferences, wishes and possibilities. The client may not know the names and materials, but he definitely knows what kind of house as closely as possible would be consistent with his taste and needs.

MAKI HOUSES is not the producer and supplier of a certain brand and is not interested in the promotion of it. The main task of the Company is to help the client to navigate the wide variety of technologies in wooden-house building, to determine his OWN house. After a detailed examination of all possible variants the MAKI HOUSES Company places an order for the selected house-building kit in Russian or foreign plant which can satisfy the requirements of the customer in the best way.

Personal Manager

The construction from start to finish – from the first stroke on the drawing and to the promised key in the hands – is concentrated in one person – the MAKI HOUSES Company in the person of a Personal Manager. The relationship between the producers of house-building kits and direct construction is arranged – contracting with the MAKI HOUSES Company, you can be assured of the highest quality of your future house. Whatever project of the house is chosen – the house of glued laminated log, glued cylinder log, a log house, a half-timbered house or an exclusive one like the houses with “the amber pine” technology – it will be built with the maximum quality in fixed time. The proof of it is the hundreds of modern wooden houses throughout Russia, and their happy owners.

The desire to provide the highest quality services, while finding creative solutions to any problems, striving to realize the creative potential and rich practical experience became that driving force, which has united all real professionals in one team – the MAKI HOUSES. By offering our clients the experience and knowledge of the best specialists, convenient format of cooperation and quality service, we propose to build the future here and now, and move toward success together!